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RG Scores is packed with so many features designed to make your life easier. Less time on admin means more time doing what you love.

Instant Work Orders

Save time and generate session work orders in a fraction of a second. No more late nights fighting spreadsheets!

Instant Results

Apparatus and AA results are shown in a single, ordered view. See tied results, qualifying scores, and more

Score Entry

With F.I.G. scoring support you can even record the common and/or individual scores for Difficulty and Artistry.

Live Updates

No more bored spectators! Give your audience real time progress tracking and live scores at no extra cost.

Floor Marshalling

Show your audience who is on the floor. Handle late withdrawals. Know who's up next. Wonderful!

Large Scoreboard

Attach an external TV so everyone knows the latest scores and who is currently on the floor


You control access, with specific roles for volunteers, organisers, and administrators

Create PDFs

Instantly create PDFs of work orders for your judges and coaches, and PDFs with level/division results.

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All you need is a device and an internet connection. We'll take care of the rest!

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