Update News #8 - Routine Times on Work Orders

Have a look at the work order image and you’ll see two new additions to the work order PDF.

The first is the “At” column, showing when a routine is expected to be on the floor.

The second is the suggested time when a refresher/restroom break for the judges should occur.

As a competition coordinator you can use this information to keep track of your session’s overall progress and know how early or late a session is running. Now when you need to go and tell the judges to hurry it up a little, you can tell them exactly how late they are! You’ll be their favourite person!

Here’s how it works

  1. We find the competition start time for the session. If there’s no start time, we’ll try the general warmup time instead.
  2. We add the duration of each routine (based on the level definition) and time for gymnasts to transition to/from the floor when each routine should start.
    • Scratched routines will be skipped and do not count toward the session timing.
  3. The standard transition time is 60 seconds per routine. It is 45 seconds when judging panels are operating in tandem.
  4. For long sessions (over 2 hours), we’ll include a judges rest break. If you go over 4 hours, there’s a second break.
  5. We provide a suggested time for that break based on a few simple rules
    • If a rotation starts less than 15 minutes before the break, move it to the start of the rotation
    • If a rotation ends less than 25 minutes after the break, delay it until the next rotation
    • Otherwise take the break mid-rotation

If you do something different, let us know. Feedback is always welcome!

This is only for the Work Order PDFs

Making routine times too visible might create extra pressure on competition organisers and judging panels to be on time.

We also know that it’s common for the initial routines in a session to take a little longer while the judges fall into their rhythm, and that time can be caught up once they hit their groove.

And finally we know that judges breaks can shift to different times based on unexpected events, or simple things like judges drinking a little too much water before the session starts! 😀

As such, RG Scores will only show an “Estimated Time of Routine” (ETR) on Work Order PDFs. This timing information will not be visible anywhere else in the system.

Finally, since we work out the break time on the fly, we don’t currently let you adjust when a suggested break occurs. We may adjust this in the future, but we’d like you to try this approach first and give us feedback.

Thanks! And good luck with your next competition, whenever that may be!

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