Update News #7 - Late Entries

It’s the day of your competition. Gymnasts have arrived. Family and friends have settled in. Warm up is on and you’re close to starting. Suddenly one of the coaches come up to you and says “Hi. I’m really sorry. I think I forgot to enter one of my gymnasts, and they’re here”.

Aaaand… you don’t panic. You remain cool, calm, and collected. Why? Because you have our new “Late Entry” feature at your disposal!

For any competition that you’ve released you can now add a late entry to handle these last minute scenarios.

Our recommended and strongly preferred approach will always be to add the entry normally and regenerate the work order, but for those times where you don’t want to lose entered scores or have the work order changed, when you need to add someone right now!, then this is the handy in-case-of-emergency feature you want.

How to add a late entry

To add a late entry, go to the session details via the administration area. You should see the new Late Entry button in each level’s summary view.

Late Entry

Click the button, fill in the details, click on Add, and a new entry will be added to the competition and new routines added to your session.

Where do the routines get placed?

The rules for where we place new routines depends on how your session is arranged. The main rule we follow is that we don’t disturb the order of existing routines where possible.

For sessions with a single judging panel, routines are added at the end of the rotation.

When there are multiple judging panels and one competition floor, we’ll add the late routines to an appropriate gap in a judging panel, else they’ll be added at the end of the rotation.

And for sessions with multiple competition floors in parallel, we’ll look for any empty judging panels and fill them where possible, otherwise we’ll add the routines at the end of the rotation.


We ignore rules around grouping clubs together, starting routines on different panels, and keeping all routines in a level together. It’s a last minute entry! We’ll add the late entry to the session so they can compete, but we’re not going to change the entire work order just because one gymnast wasn’t entered until the day of the competition.

Keep in mind that adding a late entry won’t show up everywhere automatically. You’ll need to refresh any pages where the session work order is being displayed. This will include the score entry, scoreboard, and floor marshal pages.

And finally, if they entry is so late that scores have already been entered for others routines you can rest easy. Adding a late entry doesn’t remove any existing scores.

Wrap up

We hope you never need to use this feature, but if you do… we hope it saves your day!

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