Update News #6 - Major Updates

The short version

  • Levels can now specify the competition years they apply to
  • You can copy levels for use in other competition years
  • Gymnasts can now be entered into any level their age permits
  • The competition entry process has been completely overhauled
  • Work Order PDFs can be downloaded from the public session summary view
  • Numerous visual improvements

Levels now support years other than 2019

When we first put RG Scores together we took some short-cuts for the sake of speed. One of those was our design around competition years and level definitions.

Want to know a secret? We actually ignored the concept of competition years entirely! While this meant we could build a system faster, it also meant that any change in a level definition would affect all competitions, regardless of when they were run. This included historical results. That's not something we want as we move into 2020!

With this update, you'll now see the level listing shows a competition year filter (top right) and which competition years a level is valid for.

level listing

In the level details you can set the competition years the level is valid for, and you can use the copy button to quickly copy an existing level definition for use in a new year. This should make scenarios such as altering the apparatus each year for a level much easier and safer to do.

level entry

Gymnast's competition level

We previous needed gymnasts to be linked to a specific competition level but found that this has some drawbacks. We would need to provide some kind of yearly progression mechanism to allow organisers to manage their gymnasts as they change levels each year, but since some organisations have close to 1,000 gymnasts that would be a bit painful and somewhat clunky. We also found that the linking of a gymnast to a competition level created some “interesting” system behaviours when gymnasts were moved between levels in a single competition year.

To avoid these problems we have decided to remove the field that defines the competition level a gymnast can compete in, and allow gymnasts to be entered in any level their age permits. For organisations with rules about eligibility, such as not competing in a lower level than the previous competition year, these rules weren't supported yet anyway. We'll be looking at providing these checks and balances for you in a future update.

The new competition entry approach

The competition entry card might look similar to before but you'll just the one button for editing/viewing entries. No more clicking around to add clubs before you can add gymnasts. No more separate group and team entry areas. It's now all in just one single place!

entry card

The first step when editing entries is to select the club you're working with.

Clubs with existing entries are listed first, along with their entry count. All other clubs & organisations are shown after that.

club selection

Once you've chosen a club, you'll see all the levels for the competition listed with a summary of the entries per level.

Selecting a level expands out to a view showing either individual or group entries. If the competition also allows team entries, those will be shown alongside in the individual levels.

entry level details

We'll even make sure that if you remove a gymnast from the entry list that any team's they're in are also removed.

Best of all? Any changes you make will be automatically saved as soon as you make them. No need to click a save or OK button, and no need to worry about losing changes after entering a large number of gymnasts.

Oh, for those wondering, the ticks you see indicate if an entry has been accepted or not. In a future update we'll add support for club owners to self-manage their entries so that competition organisers just have to accept or decline entries before each competition starts.

PDFs from the public session overview

We heard from a number of coaches that they prefer to track their session progress via printed work orders, so we've now made PDF copies of the work order available via the public session overview. Just click the little PDF icon in the bottom right corner of the session details and the work order will be downloaded.

public pdf

Visual Improvements

Finally, we've updated a lot of the internals for RG Scores and along the way revised the visual look and feel to better align with the Material Design 2 specifications. This should make some of the pages a little cleaner and easier to use.

As always, if you have ideas for improvements, spot a bug, or just feel like talking, please get in touch! We're always happy to help and always looking for ways to make your competitions easier and simpler to run.

On to 2020 and another year of wonderful gymnastics!

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