Update News #5 - A Busy Month

A busy month

August and September is peak competition season for many states in Australia. With a number of states in Australia using RG Scores for their competitions I was curious to see just how many routines were scored with it.

Here's some statistics I thought I'd share from the past month, purely for your interest:

Statistic Value
Competitions 6
Sessions 29
Gymnasts 626
Routines 2,303
Competition Levels/Divisions 35
Clubs 29
Number of different people using the appĀ  1,777
Number of countries accessing the app 12
Largest competition 750 routines (NSW L5-9 State Championships)


I find these statistics interesting, especially when I think about the number of routines and the time competition organisers were able to save through automatic work order generation (and re-generation). I wish I could give you a statistic for the hours saved and smiles generated!

I also love seeing the number of people accessing the app. Knowing audiences are better able to engage with what is happening on the competition floor, to see how their favourite gymnasts are performiung and knowing that family members are in touch with what's happening, even if they're interstate or overseas, is fantastic.

As for the number of routines? Wow! Spare a thought for the wonderful judges who give up their weekends and help make these competitions happen!

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