Update News #4 - Levels and Teams

A new way to manage level configuration

As RG Scores grows, more and more configuration options are being added to the level definitions. This has made the level screen a bit cumbersome.

So for this update we've revamped the level settings and split it out into multiple tabs to make it easier to understand. We trust you find it easier to adjust level settings now.

new level editing interface

Age restrictions

New in this update are settings to set age restrictions for a level. You'll find them in the [Options] tab.

Gymnast ages will be calculated based on the start of the competition year (i.e. January 1st) for the level and should their age be outside the allowable ages for the level, an error message will be shown to you.

Setting the minimum or maximum age to zero will indicate that no minimum or maximum age check should occur.

Competition year

The keen eyed amongst you may have noticed that there is a year is showing next to the level name in the screen shot. In a future update we will add the ability to copy level definitions from one year to the next, but for now just be aware that gymnasts ages are determined as at the competition year of the level and this is the year shown next to the level name.

When a gymnast's age is outside the allowed age range a small warning indicator will be shown near their name in the “all gymnasts” view in the administration area.

age warning in gymnast listing

Improved level listing

To make level management easier, we've improved the listing of levels for people using larger displays (i.e. laptops and tablets).

The listing will now show you level names, an icon for group and individual levels, and some common statistics for levels, including the apparatus being competed.

better level listing

Moving team settings out of the competition

When team results were originally added to the system we used the competition settings to configure team sizes and how results were determined.

This worked well when all levels in a competition used the same rules but didn't cater for competitions where two levels in the same competition had different settings.

With this update, we've fixed that problem by moving the team size rules out of the competition settings and into the level definitions, as shown here.

team results

As a result, competitions now have just a single flag to indicate if team entries for a competition are accepted or not and all the results calculations and PDFs will now use the rules from the level definitions instead.

Thanks, Richard Banks

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