Update News #2

Improving group apparatus display

When RG Scores was originally built we wanted to show the count of apparatus used in groups and multiples routines, not just which apparatus were used.

This worked well, but only when there were a small number of groups in a session. With more rhythmic gymnastics organisations and clubs now using the system we have seen this become awkward and cumbersome, particularly in work order listings.

Sessions with many groups and multiples divisions competing would display a large number of apparatus columns in their work orders, often repeating columns when different divisions used the same apparatus mix. You can see an example here

repeated apparatus on work orders

To compound the situation, having many apparatus columns caused work order PDFs to cut off apparatus columns, reducing the usefulness of having a printable work order for judges. 😢

repeated apparatus on work order PDFs

Simplifying the work order

In this update, we've removed the displayed apparatus count for groups and multiples and ensured apparatus columns only appears once in a work order listing.

corrected work order columns

When groups/multiples have mixed apparatus, e.g. 2x clubs & 3x hoops, you'll continues to see both apparatus shown but the counts will be hidden.

Unranked results & scratched routines

In levels where the ranking of AA or apparatus results is disabled we used to show a zero score in the results. Scores would flash up on the scoreboard and would be shown on the live results views, but weren't available anywhere else.

Based on your feedback we're now showing the routines scores in the results tables. To prevent people inferring a rank through the display order in an apparatus, the results are ordered by gymnast number (i.e. performance order) wherever possible.

We've also slightly adjusted the display of scratched routines. Previously a scratched routine would show a zero score and the gymnasts would be ranked last. To make the scratching obvious, scratched routines are shown as unranked and their scores are displayed as “DNC” (Did Not Compete). These routines will always be shown at the bottom of the results tables to indicate that a gmnast entered the competition but either couldn't compete or had to be withdrawn.

Minor updates

We also slipped in a few minor changes with this update:

  • Fixed a bug in level definitions for groups/multiples where the min/max gymnast counts were transposed. Oops!
  • Gymnasts are now orderd by first name, not last name, when entering them into competitions. It should make it easier to find gymnasts now.
  • Changing the gymnasts in a mulitiples/groups entry is now more resilient and easier to do.

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