Update News #1

The update that has a number of smaller improvements and features along with some performance improvements and bug fixes.

Let's run through the changes:

Finding gymnasts by registration

To cover the situation when someone's registration number was accidentally entered against a different gymnast, you can now use the search option to find gymnast details by registration number.

find by registration

You might not use it often, but it'll be handy when you need it!

Performance improvements for group details

The system was noticeably slow to load the names of all the group gymnasts when viewing work orders and results. So slow, in fact, that you could watch all the names being loaded onto the screen in larger sessions.

That's not the best of experiences, especially in a competition with a large number of groups/multiples competing.

This update improves the experience and things should be much snappier from now on.

Work orders and parallel levels

RG Scores has supported sessions where routines are run in parallel since the beginning, but until now we've only supported a single level being run in parallel at any time. This was to prevent the potential problems where routines from different levels are meant to be performed at the same time, but might have different music.

It also meant that judging for a single level would be performed by multiple panels. For beginner levels in some organisations this is perfectly acceptable, but in others it may not be desirable for this to occur.

With this release you can now arrange your session so that two different levels perform in parallel and have each level judged by a single, consistent panel for the entire session. This is primarily intended for levels split into subdivisions by age, such as, say, Level 3 Senior and Level 3 Junior.

work order generation options

parallel levels in work order

This means the system won't know if a session makes sense or not when running two or more panels at once. In the example shown you can see I've mixed Level 3 and Level 4 into a single session, running in parallel. Would that make sense on the day? That's something you'd need to decide as the competition organiser.

Various minor bug fixes

Notable small bugs that have been fixed in this update:

  • All Around Banding scores weren't being saved in level definitions
  • Switching between organisations wasn't resetting to the home page correctly
  • Estimated session duration wasn't showing correctly in the session administration view
  • Estimated session duration was being miscalculated when using parallel routines

Enjoy running your next competition with RG Scores!

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