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RG Scores is now generally available

RG Scores has been in a private testing period since it's launch in January 2019. Since then we've run many competitions, recorded scores for thousands of routines, and had so much wonderful feedback from coaches, judges, organisers, and parents.

While we're never going to be done with improving the system, we think that it's now high time we opened the doors and allowed everyone to have the same great experiences in running competitions that our early adopters have had.

Many thanks in particular to those early adopters, Gymnastics NSW in particular, and Gymnastics Queensland too. This system wouldn't be where it is without your support and involvement. Thank you!

And finally, a big thank you to the unsung heroes behind RG Scores; Anne, Hannah, and Leisel, who have supported this development effort over the last 9 months with all the love and patience anyone could ever ask for. 🥰

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